Solanco Fair, Fries, Tractors, and Pigs, oh my!, September 2009

Solanco Fair, Fries, Tractors, and Pigs,oh my!
The Solanco fair- a community favorite in quarryville and surrounding counties. Tents and building; some filled with local businesses, others with common farm animals.  You have cows, sheep, and pigs.  Ribbons are showcased throughout the walking ground for owners achievements. When asked a local attendee of the fair. “What is the Solanco fair about?” A one word answer summed it up –  food.  Here you have your choice of the not-so healthy but the oh-so delicious french fries, milkshakes and barbeque sandwiches. A three day event that brings joy to the local folks and it confirms that fall is near.
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  1. Just Kim says:

    You have some great pictures. I like how you are keeping your blog simple. All that flash hurts my brain and I tend to leave that kind of site quickly. I have a few photos I am trying to sell, so I have a very simple blog myself.

    I long to go to PA someday, but drives over two hours make me nutty. At least I out grew the car sickness. A drive across town used to make me ill.

    I look forward to seeing new posts.

  2. Just Kim says:

    2nd comment. 🙂

    I do not post any of my URLS to the group forum. I am not ready to have a lot of unknowns pop into my blogs yet. They are public, but I am kind of at a holding point with my business and I can handle a trickle right now. I have a family and we are having church in our home for the next month. That is taking a lot of time. 🙂

    Now that you have my profile, go to GP photography and you will see what I did. I have chosen not to use Esty, so you are a step ahead of me. I use the gadgets to link people to how to order. These can be accessed from any page. You might want to do this to make the link to your etsy site more visable. You can make it linkable from there.

    I am sure there are better ways, but this is just what I have done.


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