Winter Blooms

As we come to end of the Winter season and the beginning of Spring. The transition has already begun here in the Pacific Northwest. The birds are chirping early morning, the blooms are developing color. A sincere farewell to the beauty of the Winter season.  

Winter-time at Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA, January 2013

Pike Place Market is a wonderful place to visit any time of year. I enjoy what each season for it has to offer. Unlike many, I find great beauty in the Winter season. There is a peacefulness to the Winter season. I prefer going to the always-busy Pike Place around this time of the year…

Snow day! [Part 2 of 2 part series]

Snow day!  Part 2 of 2 part series A snowy day in Lancaster,Pennsylvania. For many a day off.  I decided on a spontaneous photo shoot.  Capturing the city homes covered in white, slush on the roads, ice covered leaves, and frozen branches.

Snow day! [Part 1 of 2 part series]

Snow day! Part 1 of 2 part series As a kid, I would wait for the days of the Winter season. I would wait in great anticipation as the local weatherman called for a Winter storm.  On the weekday mornings, I would watch the news  as the school delays/closings would be featured on a scroll…

ba, ba, ba, blizzard!, February 2010

ba, ba, ba, blizzard! Gone December, gone January, soon to be February, come March and still lay a blanket of white.  Bare branches, blue skies with layers of white, the swirl and twirl of the wind brings about faded backdrops, the sun shines down upon black roads creating a reflective path.  Winter is making a…