Seasonal Bloom Series: Summer Shadow Play, August 2012

While I dislike the bright rays and the sun’s heat of the Summertime season, I enjoy the shade and the shadows created by the sun. Walking the shaded streets, I take great enjoyment in the light designs created on my pathway. **Images shot with iPhone 4s, Hipsmatic (Lens: Jane, Film: Blanko, ) Color images were converted to…

Seasonal Bloom Series: ’tis Autumn, October 2010

 There is a chill in the air, ‘Tis Autumn Wrinkled leaves, a crunch beneath your feet, ‘Tis Autumn Bare branches start to show, ‘Tis Autumn Of yellow, orange, and red, ‘Tis Autumn Pumpkin patches and corn mazes, ‘Tis Autumn Past Halloween, on Thanksgiving, then Christmas ‘Tis the season