Valentines Day, Another Perceptive

A day of dread and envy or love and celebration. Can there be a third option, being a believer in love, but not get caught up in the marketing ploys of cards, flowers, and chocolates. I offer a different perspective on Valentines day; I prefer dr. suess to cheesy poems, colorful tulips to the traditional roses, and pizza and beer to chocolates.  Why reserve one day to celebrate love, build it up and show it on one day. I’m a believer that love should be an everyday occurrence. In your daily actions, toward your loved one, towards your neighbors, your coworkers, towards your fellow man. It brings to the table the bigger issue, how are you living your life, how are you showing love, if you are showing love at all.

For my 2013 Valentines post I’ve decided to select my favorite photographs from past Valentine’s posts.

From my post,  Holiday in the Aisle: Another Valentines, February 2012

another valentines IMG 008-001 another valentines IMG 002-001 another valentines IMG 010-001 another valentines IMG 016-001

From my post, I’ll give you my heart, February 2011

a message-001 hello cupcake-001 hello goodbye-001 imprint-001 love you-001 tower of soulmates-001

From my post,  Holiday in the Aisle :Walk the candy aisle, it’s that time of year again, February 2011

hey-001 love eyes-001 v day-001

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